Saturday, August 16, 2008

trail of dirt

New trail under construction from Old Fort Park to Barfield Crescent Park. It is another extension of the Stones River Greenway. I started from the parking lot by the baseball field beside the golf course. Walked about a quarter of a mile to the trailhead. Probably a 75 foot drop to river level. They put in concrete footings to have a bridge from the existing road down to river level.

The trail itself has been graded parallel to the river for 2.3 miles. At that point it appears they are in the process of building more concrete footings to cross the river. I didn't feel like crossing the river, it wasn't quite daylight yet. I went up another dirt road that went for a half mile up to Warrior Drive, just off Hwy 99 (New Salem Hwy) From the point where the trail crosses the river back to I-24, another dirt road parallels the trail. Must have been either an old farm road or service road for utilities or the interstate signs. Couple of other shorter trails, that were overgrown.

Not quite as much dirt as I wanted. But, this could be an alternative to the golf course. The trail itself is good for about 2.8 miles, one way. Perhaps a loop of the dirt with another loop of the golf course for a total of 8 miles with 2.8 out and back on the dirt and the rest on the grass on the golf course. I just added 2 miles on the Greenway to get 8 miles this morning. Light rain wasn't enough to stir up the dust on the trail. The trail itself is flat. Very similar to the rest of the greenway paths. Lots of tree cover, so should be shaded for the most part. Some open areas.

Perhaps next week I'll try from the Barfield Crescent end. Or get really adventuresome and just cross the river. Think I'd bring another pair of shoes. I don't care to much for running in soggy shoes.

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Anonymous said...

So how much of the connector trail has been graded? Was it a good running surface? I'm curious-figured it might be a way to take it easy on my ankles on those long runs to use a softer surface.