Sunday, January 17, 2010

8 weeks out

Not really enough time for a proper buildup for a half marathon. But, at least it gives me a target to aim at for the next several weeks. The Tom King Half marathon is March 13th. I've been able to sharpen up the speed in five weeks the last couple of years off a marathon base. This time around I'm still struggling to get back up to speed and that was only for a 5 mile race.

Still not following any schedule. Been doing BQ1's workouts with him on Tuesdays. Kind of sorta following McMillan on my second speed workout of the week and for the long run. Today I wanted 14 miles. Most of the guys showed up even though it was raining and 47 degrees. I was secretly hoping everyone would stay home and I could either slog on my own or go back home. P man and BQ1 had some Hudson plan workout that was way to intense for me. Speedy and I let them go after about a four mile warmup. We were running the Lascassas loop which has enough hills that I wasn't up for any type of speed workout in the middle.

Looking at the radar this morning before I finally made it out the door, gave me the impression the rain would slack off a hour or so into our run. That never happened, in fact at times the rain picked up and never did slow to more than a steady drizzle. Not to bad for the first 10 miles, but I was ready to be done coming back to the car at around 11 miles. BQ1 and P man were headed back out, so I turned around with them to add some more miles. Couldn't keep up with them and didn't until they'd turned around again and headed back to the car for the cooldown. Thankfully P man pulled me out for one mile out and back to the car to get my 14 miles before he headed back out to finish the rest of his long run.

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