Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow slog

Went out at 5:00 am this morning for a run in the snow. Surprised that the trail was covered for most of the way with about a quarter of an inch of snow. Just enough to crunch underfoot and turn the paved trail completely white. Saw a couple of snow angels, but other than that I had the trail to myself. Almost like a full moon run with the reflection of the light on the snow and low hanging clouds, even though the sun wasn't up yet.

The guys traded emails yesterday afternoon about the run, but no one else showed up. The side streets were still pretty icy in spots, but hardly any on the trail. Temperature wasn't that bad, around 17 degrees with a little bit of a north wind. Tuesday was colder and had more wind.

I started at the Old Fort Park trailhead and ran out to the Cason Lane trailhead and on to the end of the trail. Its right at 3 miles to the Cason Lane trailhead. Had it been daylight I'd have brought the camera. Not to many chances to run in the snow around here. To hear the media, it was a deadly wind chill. Bah. Dressed the same as on Tuesday, didn't even use the face mask. (only need it below 15 degrees)

Overdressing for the cold is almost as bad as underdressing. Layers with zippers seem to work well. Finger gloves covered with mittens. A stocking hat. Two pairs of socks and two pairs of tights, one skin tight and the other loose fitting. Wore my trail shoes which have now been used maybe 5 times in the last 10 years. They're really only good for mud, snow, and sand. I really like the high tops, because I have a tendency to roll my ankles on the trails. If I ran more on the trails around here I'd buy a pair with a plate in the forefoot to protect against the rocks.

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Chris said...

Did you do the non-paved "trail" past the falls at Cason? I need to get out and explore that farther than the 1 mile that I've done.