Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tough getting out the door this morning. Yesterday was warmer than it has been, plus most of the guys were running so that was easier than this morning. Way to easy to sleep in or get up for the run, but decide to take a day off. That's what I did on Monday. First mile this morning was cold, 12 degrees and I felt most of it in my fingers. They warmed up by the second mile and the rest of the run was pleasant. Sunshine made it the running highlight of the week.

Going to be tough to drop five pounds to get into racing weight. Stuck at 160 pounds which is about where I always end up running about 40 miles per week. Most people wouldn't even be able to tell the extra five pounds. I know my running friends look pretty skinny when they whine about being fat. Increasing my mileage to around 70 miles per week should get me around 155 pounds. No need for any special diet or fasting required. Jeez, that's one of the key reasons for running is so I can eat what I want and enjoy my beer.

Tougher thing is the comeback from being injured. Still struggling to keep up with the guys. Pretty encouraging workout on Tuesday in hindsight. It felt pretty rough when BQ1 and I were running it. Or should I say as I chased after him. But, when I looked up the times as compared to last year, the times were actually quicker this year. Huh? who'd have thought the speed is still there, just no endurance.

Tougher yet, is going to be racing BQ1 at the Tom King half marathon. Last year I ran it as a PR of 1:27 something. This year I'd like to go sub 1:27. BQ1 is halfway into his training and super strong right now. I've got a long way to go, but should be ready come race day. Personal record? Doesn't look good right now, but the body is pretty amazing in how quickly it builds and adapts.

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