Sunday, January 10, 2010


Holy smokes it seems to take forever to build back the strength once its allowed to lapse. Pee man and BQ1 showed me how much I'd lost this morning. We met at Lascassas Baptist Church to run the Spain hill loop. Coldest day of the year, 8 degrees to start and 10 degrees when we finished. I finished dead last, BQ1 finishing strong and Pee man going back out for seven more miles.

Lots of snow still on the roads out here in the country. Most of the hills were snow covered. The guys waited on me at the tops of all of the hills. Pretty embarrassing that I couldn't keep up. This loop is eleven miles with the last hill crest at eight miles. The last three miles home are almost level. Great for a fast finish long run. The guys took off at around a 6:30 pace which was way to much for me. I'd hoped to run the last three miles at marathon pace or so. Hah, actually only able to muster a 7:11 for the first one, 7:19 for the next and only able to squeak out a 7:15 with the help of Pee man pulling me in the last quarter.

Snow was pretty and the footing wasn't that bad. Little to no wind and despite the cold a pretty enjoyable run. Hands were to warm for periods, the ski mask wasn't needed most of the time, but thankful to have it.

Went back and checked the log for the quickest I've run this loop. Almost a full six minutes faster, yet this wasn't the slowest time either. Lots of strength to build before its time to try another race. I'd hoped to run a spring marathon. After checking out the options it just doesn't fit into more current schedule. I'd need another month, probably May before I'd be in marathon shape. To late in the spring for any of the marathons that are close enough to drive. Think I'll just target a fast half marathon at Tom King. Just hope BQ1 doesn't dust me. It should be a good battle.

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