Monday, December 3, 2012

Carrots in the wind

I've been accused of being an ass.
Saturday is the one day in the week, where I sleep in. (5:30 am for anyone who pays attention to that sort of stuff) I usually drive the two miles to the closest greenway trailhead to get in my run. Hate to drive the car such a short distance, occasionally I've ridden my bike or run from the house if its a long run day. It's the one run during the week when I can run with my MP3 player and not have to worry about cars. Bright blue sky and temps in the low 40's, nice to be able to wear shorts in December.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday with starting temps in the low 50's at 6 am when I started out with the fast guys for an easy long run of 14 miles. We ran the St. John's loop, flat for 2 miles, rolling hills for the next 10 miles and then another flat 2 miles home. Started out with a long sleeve tech shirt with a singlet underneath because I thought the wind would make the low 50's seem chilly. Wrongo. I pulled off the long sleeve after 2 miles and wore the singlet. Funny how a steady wind in the 50's is just annoying. Another couple of months and that kind of wind with temps in the 20's or 30's is going to be uncomfortable.

Finally making a little bit of head way in training. Almost able to keep up with the fast guys for half of our easy long run. Good to have them pulling me along for the early miles and me trying to hang with them on the ups. Based on my most recent race, the Murfreesboro Half marathon, my VDOT is 46. (won't count the monkey as a race) I'd say its probably gone up at least one level in the last week or two. Still nowhere near the 51 I've had in the past. Average pace for the run, 7:57. Not quite the 7:30 or so from days gone by, but getting there.

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