Sunday, December 9, 2012

State of the fat ass

I had every intention of letting the annual Fat Ass 50k retire this year. Couple of different reasons. For one I didn't know if I would be off on New Years day. More importantly were other little things. Like the liability issue, but is is unofficial so no worries, right? Really hadn't been a concern until I found out that a couple of runners climbed over the train that had stopped on the tracks over by East Main. Thought I'd been clear in years past that a cut through was under the tracks. Also we had the one year with the rain that caused the river to rise so quickly that the path along the greenway wasn't even passable. (or so everyone thought, except for a couple of brave foolish souls).

Ideally I'd like to stage this event on a trail.Ultra's are meant to be run on soft surfaces. Nothing close in Murfreesboro, so that pretty well is out the window. Also, would be nice to have a location that was more beer friendly. Not that location has every stopped me from enjoying a beer. I can always be counted on to have a beer on hand for the end of most of my athletic endeavors. It would be nice to sit around a fire and enjoy a beer, post run.

What kind of event is it if the race director doesn't finish the distance? I've only finished 3 of the 6 years. Guess that's another fact of this kind of event. Do one loop, two loops or run 33 miles because it's your birthday. The things that appealed to me from the first fat ass, still hold true. No times, no aid, no shirts, no whining. Probably could get more participation if we had a t-shirt or timed the event. I don't plan on either.

I'll be back out Tuesday morning 8 am to run. I don't plan on messing with a generator this year. Even though the pavillion has an outlet, no coffee or chicken dumplings. I'm only bringing a case of water and a case of gatorade.

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