Sunday, December 23, 2012

Still a runner

Seems I'm always late to the game, playing catchup. Lot's in the news lately. Shocking stuff. Evil people, girl next door gone bad. (oddly enough I'd have never thought of myself as religious) We'll leave those discussions to a long run, which should help to make for a more civilized discussion.

Finally got around to reading Born to Run. Really enjoyed this book, couldn't put it down for the first half. Really slowed down for me regarding the hunter/gather section, but picked up at the end. Didn't care for the sprinkling of Spanish throughout the book. Once or twice for effect would have been cool, but got old really quick. And wow, what a name dropper. Guess, that really makes it more believable? Don't think I'll be going for any barefoot runs. It has changed the shoe industry, again.

Some great cycling photos.

Don't know if it really helps
Finished the second week of the new training cycle. I'm still nursing a sprained ankle from last Saturday's drills. I'm probably the only one clumsy enough to roll their ankle on the soft infield grass of the local high school. The speed workouts and hills seem to aggravate it the most. The swelling is almost completely gone. Icing it again this morning after our morning long run. 

Still unable to really lock into a good pace for the workout portion of these long runs. A portion of that is probably due to no water or gels, ala McMillan. Also seems like my form and/or foot strike is compensating for my bum ankle. I'd hope the ankle is about healed so that won't be an issue next sunday when our long run is back out in the hills of Percy Warner Park. 

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