Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold !

Coldest day of the year. Depending on which weather service you believe, 10 or 14 degrees plus wind. Putting the wind chill in the single digits. Thermometer on the car said 12 degrees at the start and 13 degrees when I finished.
I planned on going 15 miles at Spain Hill. Paul was supposed to meet me, but I couldn't get confirmation. Sure enough he didn't show, that sealed the decision to only run 11. First 2 miles were brutal cold, but really only felt it in my thumbs. Everything else was pretty warm. Did the Grady duct tape trick on my shoes and it worked like a charm. Feet stayed toasty warm the whole way. Saw a coyote just at the 2 mile mark, right before I stopped for a duece. Next couple of miles felt great and thumbs warmed up. 3 big dogs on the rise up to the 4 mile hill. Luckily?, the owner was out. I stopped to pick up some rocks, because they didn't seem to be to friendly. The owner kept them at bay as I passed. He didn't seem to be to thrilled about it. Complete opposite of everyone else out here in the country. Seems like more dogs were out today, but some of the regulars slept in.
At mile 6 it took a while to break the ice off my water bottle to get a drink. Stopped on the top of the first of the "dolly hills" to pee and drink. Water bottle opening was frozen solid, had to open it up and drink "slushy" water. Even though I was feeling good, not cold, the frozen water confirmed my decision to do 11 miles and not make the left to tack on 4 more miles. Last mile I was really tired and glad to be done, but not cold. Duct tape toes, ski mask and double tights were the answer.

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