Friday, January 18, 2008


Week 3 of my increase to running 6 times a week and increasing my mileage. Actually feel pretty good. Stopped doing speed work. This actually gives me more energy for the daily runs, and the average pace has dropped. I still go real slow on the golf course by myself. If need be though, I am able to keep up with speedy and Pointzone on their easy or recovery days.
Next week I'll cycle down on mileage, a little. 3 more weeks and then I'll start back with the speed training. Probably just hills to start. Then some tempo one day and 200's another day.(Allen Ethridge workout)
11.2 race at Percy Warner Park, tomorrow. This is just a fun run. Be cool to see how the fast folks attack the hills, probably just the once as they zoom by on 3 mile hill. Going to be cold and windy, with a chance for snow. Love running in PWP. Just need to have a little left to do 15 miles at Spain Hill with Paul on Sunday.

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