Friday, January 25, 2008

Training log

I've kept a training log since I started running. Why do I run? Quick answer, its "me time". Really started off as a new years resolution for 1989, the year Darrell was born. I quit smoking on December 11, 1988 after my last exam of the semester at MTSU. Dad was a runner, so why not.

First couple of years, my log was just the daytimer or calendar where I wrote my appointments. I'll need to dig through some boxes to find those books to record the mileage for the years 1989 through 1992. I've got the logs from 1993 all in one place. Found the entry from my first race. "Rudolph Run" December 1993. I ran a 22:40. Still have the stocking hat from that race. Speedy makes fun of it all the time. I like the ablility to thumb through the old logs to see what's worked and what hasn't.

During my marathon obsession, I had a spreadsheet with times, dates, and other tidbits to try and get the "boston qualifier". Boston Dreams has a blog that chronicles his attempt to get to Boston. My ramblings will never approach the level of writing from that site. Very talented young man, just hasn't hit the right combination to punch his ticket. But, what's going to happen to his blog when he does get his time?

Speedy suggested I start using running2win's website, started January 1. I'm impressed, almost tempted to give up my paper log. Almost.

Post script, I did indeed stop using the paper log. To much time to put in to r2w and the paper log. Cool thing about that website is the ability to track others logs with the log tracker. I use the name "oldman" and follow speedy's log "jlcar74".

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