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Perkins: Area running enthusiasts setting their sights on the new yearBy MONTY PERKINS Special to the DNJ
I had the opportunity to communicate with some local runners as they reflected on 2007 and goals for the new year. Here is what they had to say:
Dirk Hayes, Murfreesboro
Running Accomplishments in 2007: I had two goals in 2007 and missed them both. I've been trying to go sub 19:00 for a 5K, but it hasn't happened.
Goals for 2008: To go sub 19:00 for a 5K. I am the type of runner who needs a goal, even if it is only a race. That gives me the extra push to get out and run every day.
Favorite Race in 2007: My favorite race this year was the Oktoberfest 5K in Germantown. This was the largest race for my sub 19:00 attempt, missing by 23 seconds. I tried to run the Smyrna Parks race fast, but I don't run well in the heat. I really enjoyed the addition of the mile race afterwards. That gives me a new goal to shoot for next year. My second favorite race in '07 was the Murfreesboro Half. The Tates really pulled off a superb event for the inaugural race. Again, another warm race and my time suffered.
Person Who Inspired Me in Running: I trained with Theresa Peacock in preparation for the Murfreesboro Half and she really helped me battle through the heat on speed days.
Running Gifts Received for Christmas: I received a new running journal and shoes. I've kept a journal from Day One. I really like the ability to go back and look at what has worked in previous years or to try and figure out what lead up to an injury. At the end of this year, I should end up with around 1,850 miles, second most ever and without training for a marathon this year.
Diane Gower, Murfreesboro
Highlights of 2007: When I see my name and chip time in the DNJ running column. A motivator is seeing the seconds ticking off with each race I run. I began running in July 2007 and ran six races through December. That was five more than I thought I could run. After running the Fenton Payne and Fred race every year with a terrible chip time, I decided to get serious.
Person Who Inspired Me in Running: Fred Lovelace, for whom half the Fenton Payne and Fred race was named, encouraged me and became my trainer. He introduced me to tempo runs, fartleks, distance running and hill training. My vocabulary increased faster than my running time! He made it fun for me because he is such an encourager.
Favorite Race in 2007: Oktoberfest 5K in Lebanon. I was within 100 yards from the finish when someone from the crowd yelled at me to run faster and I could break 30 minutes. I ran with more heart than muscle and came in at 29:59. A first! My elation was probably akin to that of the first person to break the 4-minute mile.
Goals for 2008: Make a good showing in the Nashville Striders Grand Prix, to run a 10K and to run that half marathon that Fred keeps pushing.
Running Gifts for Christmas: A gift card from Fleet Feet. I plan to use it to get a windbreaker so I can attempt the Resolution Run on Jan. 1.
New Year's Wish: For everyone to find things that help them grow spiritually, mentally and physically. To find someone who will support and guide those efforts.
Theresa Peacock, Murfreesboro
Highlights of 2007. Helping the high school boys cross country team, occasionally running with them and giving them some workouts. They went to state for the first time in many years and they were just thrilled.
Goals for 2008: Staying healthy in running, with no injuries and just getting to run. It is always a blessing to make it through another year without injuries, maybe not running as fast, but training smart.
People Who Inspired Me in Running: Tommy McAuley and his daughter Mary. Tommy is with the Tennessee Air National Guard, and his daughter Mary, has Cerebral Palsy. They have found a special bonding in doing triathlons together. Tommy pulls, carries and pushes Mary during these events, all the while Mary has a big smile on her face.
Favorite Race in 2007: Smyrna Parks 5K. It is so much fun because all of the high school kids are there having a great time. I ran my best 5K there and then set the mile record for 45s afterwards. Secondly, the Murfreesboro Middle Half Marathon was a great race this year for me which Dirk Hayes really helped me since we did tempo runs together each week.
Running Gift: A very dear friend of mine, Bruce Tanksley, gave me a Boston Marathon 2000 running jacket he searched for and found on eBay. It is very nice and he was so thoughtful in searching for the jacket for me. I was very surprised because he found the year I ran Boston and it actually fits!
Charlotte Young, Murfreesboro
Running Accomplishments in 2007: Completing my first marathon in Nashville in a time of 4:12 and running the Chickamagua 10-miler in 1:21.
Running Inspirations: Jennifer, Nancy, Leslie, Pallie and Sara.
Favorite Christmas Gift: Mizuno therma breath running top and pants from Fleet Feet Sports.
Goals for 2008: To run the 80-mile River to River Relay with seven other friends in April.
Nancy Dill, Murfreesboro
Running Accomplishment in 2007: Nancy ran a 3:54 marathon at Chickamagua in November to qualify for Boston.
Phil Young, Murfreesboro
Running Accomplishments in 2007: Ran the River to River run with a Masters Team in Nashville, coming in sixth place overall. Competed in the National Short Course Duathlon Championship in Cincinnati in August. This is a 10K Run, 40K Bike and 5K Run. I finished 49th overall and sixth in the 45-49 age group. I won the Master's Championship at the Boulevard Bolt in 29:08.
Goals for 2008: Currently training for the Country Music Marathon in April.
Running Inspiration: My wife Charlotte, Caroline, Catherine Ann and biggest fan, my mom, Micki. I would like to be a good role model for my cross country team and students I teach at Siegel High.
Best Christmas Gift. Livestrong dri-fit T-shirt.
Good running and Happy 2008!

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