Sunday, January 13, 2008


Going to look at a tractor this afternoon. I know zero about tractors. Bob, would like to have a small tractor for the farm. He's been looking, but doesn't really know if the small compact tractors will get the job done. Talked with his cousin last night and thinks the John Deere 755 will work. Think that't the one we're going to go see.
The farm has lots of rocks that need to be moved, a pile of tobacco stalks to be reduced and a pond to rebuild. The compact tractor should work. Only difficult thing will be to get someone to deliver it and all of the implements.
Well, change of plan. Bob has decided he doesn't want a wieny tractor. He wants a 30-40 hp tractor, bigger than the compact tractors. Oh, well. I think the compact tractor would have been adequate.
Stopped and made a pitstop at Cannonsburg this morning in the middle of my run. Forgot about all of the old tractors behind the chapel.(Paula and I were married there in 1985) They have a collection of unrestored tractors from the early 20's through 1950. Pretty cool, basically just a giant engine hooked to a giant differential with a seat on top.

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