Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd Fat Ass 50k

Another year, another fat ass. This years run had the best weather to date. Sunny skies all day long. Temperatures started out brisk at around 24 degrees but warmed rapidly to low 50's by the time I finished. Turn out increased over last year to 20 runners. Most ran one or two loops or some other variation. 5 of us did the 50k distance.

I arrived early to try and get the electric connection. Plugs in the restrooms still don't work. Park employee tried to flip breakers and still couldn't get any power. I tried twice to get a fire started. First attempt the paper didn't catch my kindling and the second time the grass was to damp. Just as well, I didn't feel comfortable leaving an unattended fire.

Lots of different foods this year. Rick brought his world famous energy bars, super yummy and packed with energy. I brought chicken and dumplings and they did stay warm at least through the second loop. Also, some excellent cranberry and walnut cookies, bagels, croissants, tangerines, assortment of muffins and cupcakes, and candy.

Pictures are stuck in my camera. I don't have my SD card reader to get the photos'. Maybe next week.

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