Friday, December 19, 2008

For the love of beer

Went to Barleycorn's a couple of days ago after work. Bought $20 worth of high ABV beer: a 4 pack of Flying Dog Horn Dog, a bomber of Arrogant Bastard Ale and a single Duvel Belgian Golden Ale. I'd tried a couple liquor stores in Murfreesboro for the high ABV beers and only found one with 2 different kinds. Haven't tried the store on Thompson Lane, yet. Barleycorn's is one of 3 different recommendations from the Beer Advocate website. The others, Mid-Town Wine and Spirits and Frugal McDougals. Barleycorn's had about 20-30 different kinds of high ABV beer, at least. It's a very small section of the store, 12 foot wide perhaps. I didn't go next door and check out the "regular" beer selection. Tennessee, being ass backwards doesn't allow the sale of the high ABV beers except in liquor stores. That's why some liquor stores will be co-located with a beer store one side and the liquor store on the other side.

Tried the Horn Dog last night. Great beer. Poured a reddish to dark brown color, similar to a Nut Brown. Very little head. Would be easy to down a few of these, but it'd kick your ass. Liked this one better than the Gonzo porter. I'm not a complete beer snob. I've really come to enjoy the taste of the imports and micro brews the last couple of years. But that doesn't stop me from drinking a 22 ouncer of the cheap domestic stuff on a pretty regular basis.

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Lisa said...

That beer label would scare little kids. :P