Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2,502.66 miles

Wow, what a jump in mileage over the previous years. As of this morning I've run 2,502.66 miles and still have 14 days left in the month. Probably sprain my ankle or something tomorrow.......

Started off January with the intent of putting in more miles by running 6 days a week versus the normal 2 days off per week. I've pretty well kept to that schedule the entire year. Took off extra days during the taper for my fall marathon. Other than that, not to many extra days off. No real major illness or injury that sidelined me for any extended time. Week off in March with a sprained ankle. Week off in May, due to a strained calf.

The increased mileage did help me to achieve my sub 19:00 5k goal. Other than that, the only benefit seems to be the ability to hang with the local fast guys for alittle longer. But, only for a little while. I'm still just a middle of the pack runner. I have seen some room for improvement in some of my race times and will set out for trying to make some of that happen in 2009.

Drizzly run this morning with FM2 and Speedy. They both are coming off of colds so it was a pretty easy 8 miler. Haven't really done any speed work in over a month. May try some hill repeats on Friday.

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