Friday, December 12, 2008


Rain turned to sleet late yesterday afternoon and was actually snowing as I left the office and headed into Nashville for our office christmas party. My car was covered with snow and everything was snow covered at the office. The closer to Nashville I got, it all turned to rain. Heading home after the party the snow line was around Hickory Hollow mall southward. We got about 2 inches worth at our house.

Paula's christmas party is tonight. She didn't go to my party. Just didn't make sense for me to drive all the way back to Murfreesboro and then back into Nashville. No way would she even think about driving to Nashville on her own, plus why have two cars to make the 72 mile round trip.

I had a good time at the party. It was at Ombi. They closed for our party, which was pretty cool. Tried a couple of beers I've never had before. The first was a high alcohol content Belgian blonde beer, Popering's Hommel. It was actually almost like a pale ale without the high alcohol taste of the only other high alcohol beer (Gonzo Imperial Porter) I've ever tasted. Next beer was a Fort Collins, Black Mountain Mocha Stout. This is the style of beer I've really come to enjoy. I enjoyed a few, plus some great gumbo, oysters and humus.

Called speedy on the way home to see if we were still a go for our 4:30 am hill run. This morning all of the slush had frozen and the roads were to icy to run. We decided to run on the golf course instead. We only did one loop for 4 miles. It was a really slow pace. The snow slowed us down, but the bigger thing was dodging the giant puddles and ice. It was cold enough to freeze the top, but still left some real cold water to dunk your foot. Added bonus, it was a full moon so no problem seeing were we were going.


Lisa said...

Wow, you guys got way more snow than we did. All we got was some dreaded black ice.

Jill said...

Hopefully you didn't get the seafood special at Ombi. Last time I ate there...I came down with a wicked case of the craps...