Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Run down or cold?

Overslept this morning until 5 am. Supposed to meet the fast guys at 4:30: set the time on the alarm, but evidently not the alarm itself. My back up alarm, Lance, little fur ball even slept in. He usually wakes me up around 3 am most mornings. Must be the cold weather. We stayed home all weekend. Paula made a pot of chili on sunday. Nice not to have to get out in the cold. Monday was a scheduled day off for running, didn't even do any weights.

Did make it out the door this morning for an easy 6 miles. It turned into a progression run kinda by accident. Felt good. Temperature was 28 degrees and little to no wind. Versus sunday's long run which was not very pretty. I had hopes of hanging with the fast guys for 18 miles. Temperatures were around 34 degrees and the sun was shining. Nice day for a long run, except for the 18 mph north/northwest wind. First 3 miles were cold and I decided, I wasn't going to be able to hang with the guys. I did my own thing. Last 4 miles home into the wind were especially cold. Brrrrrr. Took forever for my thumbs to thaw out.

Final work day this week for me, today. I took friday off. Paula is only off on Christmas day and Friday. Hard to believe Christmas is already here again. Got fewer Christmas cards this year than in years past. I'll have to look through them this week and see who's staying in touch.

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