Friday, February 6, 2009

12 weeks out

Little over 12 weeks to go until the Flying Pig Marathon. Training has been going well. Down week in mileage, but did do my first streak with no days off. Ended up with 19 days straight. Took yesterday off. The increased mileage is really seeming to make a difference in being able to hang with the fast guys, at least on their slow days. Real test will be the effect on marathon day.

Never did receive my Striders calendar. I didn't think my membership expired until March. Oh, well. Don't think I'll actively pursue pacing again at the Country Music Half Marathon. It's a blast doing it, but I've done it 2 years in a row. Time to let someone else have a shot if they're interested. I'd do it if no one else steps up. It's the closest I ever get to the elites and the elite treatment is really nice.

Easy 7.2 miles tomorrow in the gravel will give me 64 miles for the week. I'd like to average 64 miles or better through this training cycle. The training cycle for my Boston qualifying run at the Rocket City Marathon was a 45-55 mile per week average. The biggest difference, besides a decrease in average pace is the hydration and nutrition needed on my runs. My typical mid week run was between 4 and 8 miles. Now its closer to a 10 miler. This really seems to make a difference on how much water I need during a run and how much nutrition (IE: powergel) is needed and how often.

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