Thursday, February 19, 2009

winter, it's back

Windy morning. Gusts around 20 mph with temperatures around 36-39 degrees made for a cold morning. Forecast calls for the temps to drop a couple more degrees for the lows this weekend. Yuck, another 20 miler with tights. Did 8 super slow miles by myself on the golf course this morning. Nice to run my own pace every once and awhile. I enjoy running with a group, but it's good to mix it up.

Read the best advice I've seen on the Internet in quite some time the other day. Coach to one of his students, "stay off the Internet and don't read any of the running forums". Wow, that's some great advice. Check any of the running forums, LetsRun, RunningAhead, Running2Win, Runners World or our local Nashville Striders. Lots of good advice, bad advice, gibberish and mostly static. It makes for interesting reading. Some see more traffic than others. Locally ours will start picking up in the coming months as everyone gears up to run the Country Music Marathon or half. Lots of first timers with loads of questions and the list checkers.

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