Friday, February 20, 2009

blue scrotums

Earlier this week someone’s pet monkey in Connecticut went ape sh*t and ripped off a woman’s face. The owner stabbed the monkey/chimpanzee repeatably and police shot the animal eventually. No laughing matter, deathly serious stuff. Yesterday, a monkey escaped from the Seattle zoo and Fox news had a news break regarding the incident. The Bob and Tom show this morning had audio of that report. Pretty funny stuff, not the news report so much but the ad lib they came up with afterwards. Look out for the monkey with the “blue scrotum”. Youtube had video earlier, but its gone now.

Cold this morning around 18 degrees but little to no wind (no blue balls) and a real big pack of runners showed up for the speed work. I overslept and forced the group to circle back to pick me up before the work started. We ended up doing a loop around the MTSU campus. This worked well, I actually prefer a closed loop for the speed work. It’s really nice not having to fight the cars and it’s also nice to have a well lit area. Only drawback to this location was the lack of any hills or change in elevation. The brothers W ran with me or should I say I tried to keep up with them. Worked really well, the younger W seemed to have more speed and the older W kept me honest and from fading in the final seconds of the intervals. Cool to watch the fast guys blast off seemingly effortlessly.

Only downside to the speed was the lack of splits. Earlier in the week we ran the same workout and I hit the lap button before each interval on my Garmin 305. I don’t know if it was the double layers of gloves, but for some reason I lost almost 2 miles of the workout and didn’t get any splits. Must have been hitting the stop button instead of the lap button. It just recorded the miles and one of them was a 6:04. That was the average pace for the workout on Tuesday, no way we ran a entire mile at that pace. Oh well, again I curse the Garmin, but I still love to have the data it gives me.

Easy day for me today, I only went to work for a couple of hours. Paula had her wisdom teeth extracted this morning, so I went with her to the oral surgeons office. Before I left the office, I was “forced” to fill my growler with some Dos Perros beer which was left over from a sales function the previous evening. Forgot how good beer tastes straight from the keg.

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