Monday, February 16, 2009

to early for spring

The warm weather last week fooled everyone. Noticed some of the trees have already starting budding. Birds are out singing. But, spring is at least another couple of weeks away. (March 20th) Did get my bike out for a ride last weekend. This weekend was all about catching up on my sleep and trying to get over this cold. It forced a cut back on the long run on Sunday. Today I overslept and missed my run altogether.

Watched stage 1 of the Tour of California last night. Well, really just watched the last 20k. It rained the entire time and they only had pictures for a that much of the race. Cool to see Lance out pulling the chasers of the breakaway. Lance as a domestique to get Levi to his 3rd Tour of California, the naysayers said it wouldn't happen. What a miserable ride, 4 plus hours in the driving rain and temperatures around 47 degrees. Bleaah. Even Floyd was back racing. I missed all of the Tour down Under. Great to see all of the riders again.

Some idiot stole Lances time trial bike and some of the other Astana bikes, yesterday. His bike is a one off, only one in the world. Pretty hard to sell, even the other 3 bikes stolen have the riders names on the frames. Pretty dumb crooks, but that's why they're crooks.

If you are lucky enough to have today off (Presidents Day). The racing starts around noon live for stage 2 of the Tour of California. Hope they have some clear sky. I'd kinda like to see more than just the puddles in today's race.

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