Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing the herd

Couple of weeks ago, Speedy ? started calling our little morning running group the herd. Well, we've had two additions in the last week, a speedster for the fast guys and S, more about my speed. Today we did some more hill repeats on Saddle, but this time the wind was in our face going up the hill. Wow. Some of the gusts just about pushed us backwards.

Yesterday, I started feeling a chest cold coming on. But, I almost think its more asthma related. Could go to the doctor, but I'd prefer to self medicate. I drank about 6 cups of coffee yesterday. That really helps with the fatigue and the expectorant cough syrup, helped to rid most of the congestion from my chest. Whatever was left this morning was hacked up on the hill repeats.

Picture on top is the elevation profile for the entire 10 mile workout this morning from SportsTracks. The bottom picture is from RunningAhead showing the elevation profile for Saddle Drive as a piece of a two mile loop from the gas station on the corner.

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