Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time trial

Watching the time trials on the Tour this morning. A couple more hours before the big names start. George Hincapie just started with his purple glasses, bandages and time trial helmet. Need to check the equipment pages. Noticed George's bike only had one big ring, Shimano Dura Ace. Don't like the look of that chain ring. They were reviewing the newest chain ring the other day and it even looks worse.

Did my own time trial this morning. Speedy and FM2 paced me through 2 miles on the track. Plan was 6:04 miles. Hit the first mile and felt good. Next quarter it started falling apart. Really slowed and felt like crap. Boys yelled at me and I just tried to hang. Lost seconds on each quarter and wanted to quit, but they yelled at me some more. Stuck it out, but it was a pretty ugly last mile, 6:15.

Thursday was a test to see how running before work on the 11.2 at Percy Warner Park would work. Met a couple of the 100 beer/100 miles in a week guys. Ended up running a little over 12 miles after adding the Luke Lea overlook. If someone where foolish enough to run the Harpeth Hills Marathon, they would need to do this run at least once a week, in addition to the traditional long run on the weekend. Maybe....

Friday easy run from the house on the gravel by the equistrian center on Thomspon Lane. On the way back one of the horses ran stride for stride with me along the fence. He stopped and snorted at me when he hit the end of the fence. I stopped and petted him. Love horses, even the smell of them. Magnificent animals. Before the run, I changed the display on my Garmin to give me altitude and GPS accuracy. Don't care for the GPS accuracy, I'll replace it with direction. Use it in the bicycle mode.


Lisa said...

What time did you get there to start running in order to be at work on time?

Man, I LOVE that place.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

up at 3:30, made it to PWP at 5 am. In to work right at 8 am. Only downside is bathing in the bathroom at the office. But, yes, PWP rocks.