Friday, February 1, 2008

3 x 3:30

Nope, not some new speed workout. I've gotten up at 3:30, 3 times this week to meet Speedy for a 4:30 run. Yesterday, he talked me into my first speed workout in 5 weeks. We ran the same course we'll run this morning. Start at Comcast and do a 10 mile loop through the neighborhoods and outskirts of town. The plan was 40 minutes at marathon pace, but ended up doing 5 miles at about half marathon pace. Comfortably hard workout, I was ready for it to be over at 4 miles, but pushed 1 more mile.

This morning was supposed to be our 2nd golf course run this week. Rained like mad yesterday and the temperature is actually 42 degrees this morning and still lots of gusty winds. Monday's golf course run the temperature was around 22 degrees and the grass was crunchy in spots. No way it has drained enough to run today.

Tommorrow I'm going to sleep in till at least 5 am. Think I'll go 15 miles on Saturday with the Rock. I'll start early and get in 5 miles before I swing back and run another 10 with him and who ever else shows up. And Sunday, look out. Sleep in to 6 am or better. Need to rest up for some kind of football game that night. Always a lot of hype, but never much of a game. This one should actually be closer than those in the past. Giants by 3.