Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weak link

Dawned on me this morning, while doing my weights. One of the contributing factors to the calf strain on Saturday, kettle ball swings. I started doing a modified version of one of the crossfit workouts, a kettle ball swing, with a single dumbbell, one handed. That combined with my weak calves, rain not allowing the calf to stay warm (thursdays interval session), combined to make the calf fail.

Granted this calf strain was mild compared with the other two. Minimal inflammation, mostly gone by the third day. No visible bruising or discoloration. Tender to the touch, but released yesterday around noon. Able to do a wall stretch this morning. Sat in the hot tub last night and able to massage with very little discomfort. Need to get my pro stretch step back from speedy. Couple days of stretching and I should be back.

Joked with PJ, that I was going to pork up from not running. Actually, hit the snack machine really hard on Monday and Tuesday. Love the Honey Buns, Reeses cup, and powdered donuts. Mostly just a pity party, 'cause I hate to be hurt. Not warm enough to ride the bike, hate the trainer. Time to get back on track.