Tuesday, January 6, 2009

rock and roll

Watched 3-4 days worth of VH1's top 100 hard rock songs, since the start of the new year. Can't find the list on the web, only their story about the 4 shows. Dylan and I watched it for 2 hours straight on Saturday night. I'd watched a little bit on Friday night and watched the pieces I'd missed on Sunday. Lots of hair bands from the 80's, some punk (Ramones and Clash), and lots of stuff I sure wouldn't consider hard rock (Jethro Tull, Heart). My definition of hard rock is probably more of the heavy metal, Black Sabbath, Metallica. Their (VH1) number one song was Guns and Roses, Welcome to the Jungle. Lots of interesting quotes from band members, comedians, and even some wrestler ? Entertaining stuff, even if it was geared towards selling Guitar Hero.

Everyone at work seems to be sick. I hear everyone hacking, coughing and runny/snotty noses, hard to not get sick. I've been fighting some kind of crap in my chest for a week. Finally, seems to have broken last night. Hasn't affected my runs to much. Wanted to start running seven days a week yesterday, but sleep in instead. Pretty much laid on the couch all weekend.

Rainy 10 mile run this morning. Easy pace with Speedy and FM2. Wasn't as bad as I expected. The rain was mostly just a light drizzle and the temperature was around 40 degrees and no wind. Almost got a little bit warm with my rain jacket, but glad I wore it instead of just a long sleeve shirt. To hard to figure whether or not it would be raining hard enough to soak through a shirt or not.

Hate to see the Ravens coming to town. I think the Titans can come away with a win, if they don't turn over the ball and establish the run and dominate time of possession. But, if they get behind and have to try and play catch up, the Ravens defense can be overpowering. Titans 17, Ravens 10.


Lisa said...

Ditto on the Titans-Ravens game. I'll be chewing my nails!

As for best Rock songs of all time, I'd have to say just about anything from Aerosmith would get my vote. I've loved that band forever & reading their autobiography has been eye opening. It's a wonder any of them are alive today! ha!

Jill said...

Joe and I watched VH1 on New Years but could not stay up to see the #1...so I'm glad you told me. We didn't think they were all that "hard" either...but funny to recite where we were and what we were doing during those songs! Makes for a fun night...and lots of laughs.