Sunday, January 11, 2009

week 1

One week down in training for the Flying Pig. The goal for this race is 3:15. Didn't run 7 days this week. I'll try that starting tomorrow. Did 2 speed workouts, one decent 12 by 200 meters and a lousy 35 minute tempo run in the wind. Seems like everytime it's time for a tempo run the wind is blowing pretty hard.

Long run was a 15 miler, with about 9 miles of marathon pace effort in the middle of the run. I'd hoped for 16 miles worth of work, but stopped after 2 hours. Difference in this long run versus my typical long run was the lack of carbs. I'm trying the long runs without gels during the run or food beforehand, only water and succeed caps. Workout went ok, slowed in the final 3 miles but no real issues.

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