Friday, January 23, 2009

Boston is closed

If you haven't registered for Boston, you're to late. Registration is closed.

As of this mornings run, I've run seven days straight. Plan to run with no days off for at least a 3 week cycle. Mileage will be over 60 miles this week and should be close to 70 miles next week. Tomorrow's run will be on the gravel portion of the new trail from Old Fort Parkway. Hopefully, two days a week of soft surface running will help my body recover from the seven days a week of running, and the extra mileage.

I'd forgotten Lance was riding in the Tour down Under. Need to go and find out when it's going to be televised or repeated. Lance gets bashed some much on the forums, I'd quit reading them. Last week they were making fun of his yellow and black bike.

January is almost over, which means everyone is looking for their W2's. If one more person asks me where their W2 is, I'm going to choke them. Really it isn't that big of a deal, but some folks seem to be kind of paranoid. Guess, they're all waiting for that big fat refund check from their uncle sam. Personally, I wish I could calculate it so I'd wouldn't pay a nickle to the "man", nor would I get a refund. Just more in my paycheck, please.

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jacob carrigan said...

lord help me... i work in central payroll for the state..
I'm ready to shoot all those w-2ers that call all day..