Monday, June 29, 2009

One day

Big difference in the weather this morning. Temperature in the mid to low 60's and a drop in the humidity. Bet everyone whose raced the last two weekends would've have enjoyed this mornings weather on race day. Cool enough I'd have to have worn arm warmers on the bike.

Yesterday's long run was a sweat fest. Don't think I've ever sweat that much. My shorts were dripping. Speedy's shoes were sloshing. Tough morning. Nice new route in the country around the Blackman community. Glad the bible park didn't make it. It'd be a shame for country side to go commercial.

Still not as warm here as it was in Texas. Different kind of heat, though. Checked the weather yesterday and it was 83 degrees at the same time it was 76 degrees for our Sunday run. Zero humidity made a huge difference, plus the wind was constantly blowing. Kinda like standing in front of a blow dryer, dry heat. Not like the sauna bath here in Tennessee.

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