Tuesday, June 9, 2009

penny for your thoughts

Found a penny on the run the other day that had about a third of it broken off. It was one of the newer pennies minted after 1982 when the composition changed to mostly zinc. From the US Mint website.

In 1962, the cent's tin content, which was quite small, was removed. That made the metal composition of the cent 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc.
The alloy remained 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc until 1982, when the composition was changed to 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc). Cents of both compositions appeared in that year.

It made me wonder with the inflated prices of metal, especially copper: is a penny worth more than a penny? Yes, for pennies minted before 1982. Does that mean the government will start melting the older pennies? Or perhaps that's cost prohibitive.

Busy weekend. Took the boys fishing in the Stones River on Saturday and Sunday. Darrell was the only one to catch anything. They had fun though, we waded the river instead of sitting on the bank. I think the cooler water actually helped my legs recover from my long run on Sunday.

Saturday morning we did a training run on the RC Cola Moon Pie course in Bell Buckle. Pretty cool morning, around 60 degrees to start. Probably be closer to 70 degrees come race day. Very quiet morning, I saw more wildlife on my long run Sunday, than out in Bell Buckle.

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