Friday, June 12, 2009

workin' for the weekend

Took today off from work. Got my speed workout in this morning, solo. Overslept by almost 2 hours this morning. Must have been tired, didn't even wake up when the storms blew through this morning. This afternoon I went for a bike ride out in the country. Great day for a ride. Temperature was about 88 degrees and it was sunny.

I've decided Highway 266 is just to narrow and not enough of a shoulder for the bike. I'm only on that section of the road for less than a mile, but I'm just not comfortable with an 18 wheeler 6 inches from my elbow.

Don't know if the driver who wouldn't pass me on the little country road was worse. He followed behind me up a hill and back down the other side and around a couple of turns, before he decided to pass me. No other cars where coming the other way. I was only going 25 mph down the hill and around the corners, on the white line with no shoulder. He had plenty of room to pass. Pain in the ass, I was afraid my tire would catch the edge of the road and I'd be off the side of the road. Thanks buddy.

Cold beer sure tastes good after a hot ride.

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Lisa said...

I sure wish there were bike lanes EVERYWHERE. Just makes me nervous!!!