Monday, June 15, 2009

Racing in the heat

I've tried to acclimate as much as possible to get ready for the heat for Saturdays RC Cola Moonpie 10 mile race. Heat still seems to just wipe me out. One more workout in the heat on Tuesday night. But, 2 days of training in the heat, per week, isn't really enough. Should make race day a little more tolerable.

This will be the first year of actually training for this race. Usually its just the first race of the year off of marathon training in the fall. I've actually done some speedwork and hilly long runs. Still don't seem to have the endurance from the peak of my marathon training. My PR on this course is a pitiful 1:09:32. McMillan calculates a 1:06:04, which is a 6:36 pace. Seems doable, until you factor in the heat, hills and humidity.

I would really like to run a 1:06. I've gone out at that pace or quicker in the past and died on the back half. I'd really like to go negative and this course is perfect for that. Don't want to go out to conservative and make the negative an easy thing. Best plan is to do like I did for the Flying Pig Marathon. Run on perceived effort, float up the hills and push on the down hills. Maintain pace on the flats.(hardly any of that) and push the final half mile home which is sloping down hill.

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david said...

Good Luck Saturday....hopefully, it will not be too hot and humid.