Saturday, October 4, 2008

cool baby

Loving the cooler weather. Wore a long sleeve under armour shirt, short sleeve coolmax t-shirt and a long sleeve coolmax sweatshirt, plus hat and gloves for a 3 mile warm up before Speedy pulled me through 11 miles on the Spain Hill loop. Dropped the long sleeve sweatshirt before we started the 11 mile loop and the actual "work" in the work out. Speedy didn't hammer me to much. He'd slow down when he started gapping me and I was breathing like a freight train. Mostly when he pulled below about 7:00 mile pace. Slow enough for him to be an easy run and quick enough to be around marathon pace for me. Overall pace for the 14 miles was 7:44. The 3 mile warmup was pretty darn slow.

On the way out we saw a buck standing under a light beside the road and next to a barn. I thought it was fake, the kind you shoot arrows at or a yard decoration. But, Speedy said it was real, guess it's head was following us as we ran by. Pretty bizarre. Sun didn't rise until mile 10. Pretty dark this morning. Damn near rolled my ankle twice. Once, stepping off the side of the road and again after stepping on a boulder.

Last post on the blog for awhile, unless we have wireless on the cruise ship. Even then, I don't know that I want to bring the laptop. Just hope I'm able to get at least 2-3 decent runs in the next week. The saturday we get back I'm scheduled for 20 miles..................

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