Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's a scary picture, self portrait, Old Man at sunrise

Big cigar fan. Doesn't help my running. Actually can tell the effects of the cigar on my speed workouts. Yet, I can't resist a good cigar. Most training cycles I abstain from smoking. Smoked 2 cigars on the cruise vacation. One in each of the ports of call. Supposedly they were "Cubans", no big deal, smoked the same as any other good cigar. One great thing about smoking a cigar is the buffer zone it creates. Most people are offended by the cigar smoke, thus the buffer.

Didn't get any pictures of myself or the cigars, but my sister law did. Sure looked liked I was enjoying myself. Must have been the rum. As an ex-smoker, cigarette smoke really bothers me. Really was bothersome in the on board casino of the cruise ship. Seems like everyone was smoking.

Can't blame the cigars on my pitiful speed workout this morning. Think it was more likely due to no speed work last week and the lack of miles and only 4 runs. Ran a total of 8 miles, all before sun up. Speed workout was the usual 12 x 200 meters with 200 meters of rest. Times were 2-3 seconds off of my last effort.

Incident in our neighborhood(Man injured when dragged by truck), got me thinking about early morning runs. I use to always wear a reflective vest when I ran before sun up. It hasn't been but the last couple of years that I stopped and only because the vest had become so threadbare. So, this morning I carried my red blinky light from the bike. Seen another runner the last few weeks with one on the back of his hand, with some kind of strap. I've also seen someone else wear one on the back of their shorts.

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