Saturday, October 18, 2008

5 more weeks

Catch up week with training. Only 5 weeks until the Monkey. Total of 61 miles for the week. Up from the cruise week of 21 miles because last weeks long run was on Sunday and counts on this week. Plus this mornings long run. Friday I was still sore from the tempo workout on Thursday. Just did an easy 5 miler on Friday. Legs were still tight this morning or maybe it was the 47 degrees? Took a mile for them to warm/loosen up. I did 14 miles at Spain Hill, starting at 5:30 am. The sun didn't start coming up until around mile 6. Wanted to run at marathon pace, but came it at monkey marathon pace instead, 8:00 mile average pace. I must relax to much without Speedy pulling me through. Nice morning, cool enough for gloves and my beanie hat for my ears. Plus, the sugar maples were bright orange and some leaves are starting to fall. Fall is in the air. Temperature was still right at 47 degrees when I finished. This is my favorite time of the year for running. Probably even jump in the hot tub this evening with a beer.

Reason for starting so early this morning was the Bell Buckle Craft Festival or really the 32nd Annual Webb School Arts and Crafts Festival. We've been going every year since we moved back to Tennessee. It's always been a must do every year. Probably been going off and on since the late 80's. Darrell was born in 1989, so at least that long ago. This year Paula's sisters family rode down in the van with us. We met her folks at the festival. This year, I decided to bring a chair. Nothing I really want to see. I just like the food. This trip it was the fried bologna sandwich, white beans and cornbread and a tenderloin biscuit. Dylan had some chicken on a stick. Paula only got some of the coated almonds and some kind of pumpkin Halloween decoration.

Always lots of good folksy crafts. This year I really liked the metal works. Especially the flying pigs. I didn't even look at any of the art this year. I sat in my chair watched the boys and the crowds. Lots of people bring dogs. Usually just the smaller ones. One women had a lab, with a harness with a small bag on one side and a pocket on the other for her water, very cool. Listened to the band play quite a few Beatle songs, and a couple of other oldies. Just 2 guys on guitar and a drummer. Weather was perfect, lots of sun, little cool, little wind. Kind of weather were a sweathshirt is comfortable, but a jacket is to much.

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