Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's over

Watched the debate last night. Didn't change my mind on my vote. Which isn't a vote for the candidate but a vote against the other candidate. The commentators following the debate summed it up pretty well. Obama showed he is presidential, McCain is just a bitter old man. He didn't use Palin to her full potential and she's costing him votes now. Hopefully we only get 4 years worth of Obama, and don't slide into a depression.

Hate to even bring up the election. Politics is one topic I usually avoid. This morning Speedy was the only one talking and that didn't last long, most of the time I was to far off his shoulder to hear. I was breathing like a freight train for the most part. I did get a good rhythm going from mile 2 through 5 or 6, before it got to be work to maintain pace.

Speedy pulled me through a tempo workout this morning. I wanted 8 miles, which we got in 57:06. Plan from my standpoint was a two mile warmup, 4-6 miles of tempo and a couple miles of cooldown. But, it was his workout so I told him I'd just hang as long as I could. It was an easy day for him, so he wanted 8 miles under 7:00. First mile was 7:10, so much for a warmup. Next 2 miles were at 6:38, then a 6:39, a 6:43 and finished with a 6:47. Last mile was a push, but doable. Hacked up some of the cigars on these miles. Speedy just glides when he runs. This morning I was chasing the entire way, his splits were completely different than mine. He'd ease up when I started to gap, but according to my splits, I kept a pretty even pace. All in all, a pretty darn good workout. Six miles of quality tempo, I counted the 7:10 first mile, which wasn't really a warmup as it was a jump into pace. Easy 2 miles home were pedestrian, Speedy circled back around 2-3 times and I still couldn't stay with him.


Missy said...

I may be doing Ironman but I can't run that fast!!!

William said...

Damn that's a fast pace. I'm so outta shape I work my ass off to get in 2 miles in under 7. Couldn't get 3.

Politics, that's not like you Old Man... Notice Obama didn't say one negative thing about Palin when asked, unlike McCain with Biden.

Some people just don't want to know ... Lisa banned me from her blog for merely suggesting an article! Sheeesh...

ForestWanderer said...

chuck baldwin 08