Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Titans fan, yes: tights, not so much

Slept in on Monday, it was a scheduled day off. Went back out to the gravel on the new Barfield connector trail, on Sunday. They have gravel from the start all the way to the bridge. It's the smooth gravel, pea size or smaller and packed down with the heavy rolling machine. I wouldn't mind having about 10 miles worth of this kind of trail, but it's only 2 miles worth so far. Tried to run some of the trail, way to muddy. Took a half mile to get the extra 20 pounds off my shoes.

I'm pretty much a fair weather Titans fan. I watch most of the games. Stayed up and watched the entire Monday night game, that's a first.(least in the last year, since I've been getting up at 3:30 am to get in my runs). Titans didn't look bad, couple of dropped passes, never did get the running game going. Had just enough for the Colts.

Sure made getting up the next morning difficult. Knew it was going to be cold, around 38 degrees and windy. Finally got out of bed at 5:30 am. Started out the door so late, the roads were clogged with rush hour traffic. Ran down to the greenway for my workout. Did the second set of Yasso 800's. Hadn't really planned on using them this cycle. It was just a last second change of plan last week. I didn't get on the track, so decided to do 4 x 800 meters on the road instead. This week I did 6 x 800 meters, I only used a 1:30 recovery. Kinda gun shy of this workout. I got achilles tendonitis 7-8 years ago on repeat #8 about 6 weeks out from my goal marathon. (DNF at Wichita at mile 16) Split times were surprising. I was targeting 3:15 and the first came in at 3:08. The greenway is only marked every quarter, so I wasn't watching my time, just hitting the button at the end. Typically when I look at the watch at 400 meters, I'll slow or speed up to much. Times held between 3:08 and 3:10 for the remaining 800's. The last came in at 3:15, just about the right number of repeats. Next week I'll go for 8, with maybe a little more recovery.

My rule of thumb in the past has been the tights don't come on until the temperature gets below 32 degrees. I've relaxed that the last couple of years to factor in the wind. I've got 2 different types of tights, the loose fitting and the skin tight. Tuesday morning I went with the skin tight. Glad I had them on, comfortable for the warmup and cooldown and not unbearably warm for the speed work. The thing about the tights is the chafing on the inner leg. Usually just on long runs, not on issue on Tuesday. I did pick the wrong gloves, they were to warm for the speed work. Almost should have had 2 pairs, a lighter pair for the speed workout and the heavier pair for the warmup and cooldown.

Looking at the log for the year and I'm trending towards 2,700 miles for the year. That's quite a jump in mileage from previous years. Most miles in a year was 1,913 in 2001. That was one of my big Boston qualifying pushes. Didn't make it. Pretty certain I've been pretty smart about the increased miles this year. I've backed off when something hurts. The soft surface runs are a tremendous help. This marathon cycle I've completed 2, 18 mile runs and 4, 20 mile runs. Next weekend is a 14 miler at real marathon pace and then a final 20 miler or 18 miler the following week. 18 miles two weeks out and then taper, sounds like a good plan. After all I'm not racing the monkey, just participating. Should I still feel the urge for a fast marathon, Rocket City is a short drive and 3 weeks later.

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Lisa said...

You know the "Drew Bennett" pants feel a lot like my one and only pair of running tights that I rarely wear.

For me, it's 40 or below before I put them. Living in TN, we're lucky that we just don't have to wear them all the time. Sometimes I see folks in them and it's 55 degrees! Too hot for me.