Tuesday, October 21, 2008

diggin' the dirt

Sundays run was on the dirt and gravel trails of the new Barfield / Old Fort Parkway connecting trail. The bridge across the Stones River is finished for the most part. I was able to get 9.5 miles of nothing but dirt and gravel. Great crisp fall morning. Waited until almost 7 am to start running, to let the sun start coming up so I wouldn't twist my ankle. Legs were chilly to start, could have worn tights, but glad I didn't. The legs warmed up after a mile or so.

This was the first time I'd run across the river. They are putting up 3 new pavilion's and restroom facilities about a quarter mile from the river crossing. Looks like its off of Stoney Meadow Drive. Not much site work has been done on the trail on this side of the river. The erosion control fencing is in place and the trail marked up until the fork in the Stones River and another creek. I lost the trail over by Barfield Road and parallel to another creek. The trail quickly turned into knee deep ruts from the "boys and their toys". Did run parallel to the creek on one section of exposed limestone for about a quarter mile which had been worn smooth, almost road like. This looks like the creek that runs through Barfield Crescent Park. Didn't make it that far, got within a mile or so.

Don't know if they will continue working on the trail this winter. Either way, the completion is still over a year away. Should be able to enjoy the dirt for quite some time. Just have to be careful when deer season opens up. Last time I was on the trail someone camped out in a cornfield. Sunday, met a pickup coming out of the woods. Lots of deer. Saw lots of tracks in the dirt.

Monday I slept in and took a day off from running. Tried to get into work early but an accident on I-24 botched that effort.

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