Thursday, October 30, 2008


Didn't really do a recovery run last night. Supposed to run 8 miles easy with EB, but she pulled me the entire way, right around marathon pace. Not a tough workout, able to talk the entire time, instead of just during the warmup or cooldown like usual. Paid for it 10.5 hours later this morning on my tempo run with Speedy and FM2.

Decided ahead of time to do 2 miles warmup before the 6 miles of tempo work. Really nice to be able to talk for the first 2 miles, instead of breathing like a old locomotive. Hadn't seen FM2 in quite awhile, so had some catching up to do. Between the two of them it was decided I'm pretty much a big *(family blog). I'm ok with that. I do train hard, but just not at the same level as those two.

Tempo workout was difficult this morning. First mile wasn't bad, but the second mile up and down Compton was tough. The pace wasn't the issue, but the oncoming traffic and the shoulder of the road. Lots of cars for 4:30 in the morning. Never could get a good rhythm going. Slowest mile of the six. Better once we got off that road into the sub-division. Lots of small climbs on this route. Should have stopped for a nature break, but didn't. Gutted out the tempo work with a average pace of 6:50. Not bad, but 5-10 seconds from where I wanted. It was about all I could muster this morning.

Felt really odd when I got home. Body was itchy all over and had hives on my legs and arms. Kinda strange, I've had some kind of rosacea on my chest before, after a workout. Felt really light headed and lips were numb as well. Felt 100% better once I ate a little bit of breakfast. Usually only get that kind of feeling when I'm dehydrated.

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