Friday, October 3, 2008


Actually cold enough this morning, I wish I'd worn gloves. Probably would have taken them off after a mile or two. But, the hands were a little chilly this morning. Of course, lots of runners think because they get cold hands that they have Raynauds. Personally, I think runners are just predominately skinny ass people with the nerve endings right near the surface of the skin and are just more sensitive to the cold. Geez, this blubber ball I use to work with would wear short sleeve shirts year round. (Probably because he was so morbidly obese, he couldn't find a jacket to wear). He said the cold didn't bother him. 'Course not, the blubber kept him warm.

Been sick the last couple of days. I took yesterday off from running completely. Missed my second speed workout for the week. Slept from around 9:00 pm to 6:00 am on Thursday. Feel better today. Still slept in until 6 am again this morning. Went for 4 miles at real marathon pace. To short of a distance to get a real rhythm going, but good enough after a day off.

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Jill said...

Yeah, I had to wear gloves on Thursday. I LOVE the cold though! And, no I would not qualify for your skinny assed about 14# to go on that. I'm just a sissy at 5am!

Sorry you're sick. I've been feeling like someone kicked me today and yesterday too. Wonder if it's the miles and the weather?

Get well soon!