Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4:44 pace for 26.2 miles

swiped from this thread on the Striders board, thanks Trent:)

New world record for the marathon. Holy crap. Started calc'ing that pace for 200 meters while I was doing my speed workout this morning. 71 seconds per 400 meters or 35.5 for 200 meters. I was able to run 1, 35 second 200 meters. The last one, almost completely all out. "The bending over I'm going to barf, all out effort". Freakin' amazing someone can keep that going for a marathon. No one even runs that kind of pace for a 5k around here, or even a mile.

Geb pulled out of the Olympic marathon because of concerns about the pollution in Beijing. He won the gold medal for the 10,000 meters. Actually, sixth. The winning time for the Olympic marathon of 2:06 with temperatures in the 80's equates to a 2:01:36 at temperatures below 60 degrees. Damn.

Pretty tired this morning. Didn't get in bed until 11:30. 3:30 am came to quick. Didn't seem to sleep very well last night. Probably because Monday was a off day and the 2 extra cups of coffee at work didn't help any. Really tempted to skip the speed workout this morning. Went ahead and knocked out the 12 x 200 meters. 8 miles of total running. Need to get all of my workouts in this week because, I may not be able to get them done on the ship while we're on vacation. One week break from running isn't going to set me back to far. Just makes that 20 miler I need to do on the 12th tougher.

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Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing!? He and Michael Phelps have seriously set the world on fire this year.