Thursday, July 17, 2008

feelin' the heat, and I kinda like it...................

Another attempt at a speed work in the heat this evening. Actually made it out of the office before 5 pm for the first time in 2 weeks. Went back out to the Stones River battlefield, I like the shade and the lack of cars. According to Jack this workout was supposed to be 45 minutes at adjusted T pace or 6:42 miles, followed by 6 x 200 meters at R pace with 200 meter recovery.

Temperature gauge on the car said 91 degrees when I started, didn't feel that hot in the shade. Probably 10 degrees cooler? Warmed up for 2 miles, all of it in the shade. The entire 2 mile loop at the Battlefield is probably 85% shaded. First quarter was a couple seconds slow, but made up for it in the next quarter. Still finished the first mile, slow in 6:52. Not a good start, but felt strong. Next mile came in at 6:37, feeling good. Tried to drink from the water bottle I was carrying a quarter mile into mile 3, but didn't get but a swallow or two. Next mile came in at 6:38 still feeling good. Mile 4 was a 6:39. At this point everything was working well. Started up the little rise to the first mile marker and I was off pace by 6 seconds. Not good. No need to panic, I could get back on pace in the next quarter. Nope, actually lost 2 more seconds. Glance at the heart rate and it was at 172, max is 178, huh oh. Drank a little more water, and eased back a little. Two bike riders passed just as I dropped my water bottle. Sheeeit. Almost 3/4 into mile 5, but I stopped to pick up my bottle and called it a day. Almost a mile and a quarter, or really almost 2 miles short of the target for the day. Still better workout than last week.

Still watching the tour every night. Drug cheat number 3 tossed from the tour today. Ricardo Ricco. He won on one of the mountain stages. Saw a thread on bike forums about the Devil, I only caught one glimpse of him this year. Usually I doze off a couple of times every evening watching the tour, but this evening I'm kinda wired for some reason. Couple of great shots of some castles, churches and chateus on todays stage. Field sprint finish and another win for Mark Cavendish.

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