Friday, July 11, 2008


One more day till the weekend. Easy recovery run on the golf course this morning, 8 miles super duper slow. Lots' of work on the course. They've been relocating the tee's for the last several weeks. Now they're starting to tear up all of the greens. They've relocated the cups and flags in front of all of the holes. This will cost a bundle. I know the monthly membership and one time green fee or whatever they called it several years ago was enough to buy a very nice car. They already resurfaced the tennis courts and put up new fence. Must be part of the membership drive? Glad I don't write that check every month.

One of the features of some of the blogs I read is the Skywatch Friday. Great photo's of sunsets and sunrises. That's one benefit of running before the sun comes up, I see a lot of great sunrises. One thing that stands out on the blogs is the quality of photographs. It's very clear which are just the snapshots, versus the professionals and serious amateurs. I only have links to 3 blogs with daily photos, but each is completely different. Follow some of the blog links from any of those for even more great photos.

Dozed off several times last night watching the tour. Commercials come on every 5 minutes. The Saab commercial is great the first time, repetitive the second and just annoying every time it comes on afterwards. Never have liked the looks of any car Saab makes. This was the first stage with any serious climbs. Yesterday's climb was up Super Besse. Yellow jersey was lost after Schumacher crashed within sight of the finish line. Great stuff. Don't have a favorite rider, just fun to watch.

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kjpweb said...

Thanks, Man! Appreciate you checking in every now and then! Keep moving!
Cheers, Klaus