Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Use to the heat?

96 degrees this evening for our speed workout. Planned on 4 miles of tempo, but did 2 x 2 miles at heat adjusted tempo pace. Usual 2 mile warmup and cooldown. The speed stuff actually felt easy. Maybe I'm becoming acclimated to the heat or we weren't going fast enough?

It's plenty hot, but still not as hot as last year. I know we were doing tempo workouts in August last year and it was in the low 100's. We haven't gotten close to that yet.

Started pricing the guibo/flex disk replacement on my car. $347 for the independent shop. He quoted the job at 3 hours labor. I can buy the part on-line for $54. Pretty sure I could do the job. Sure as hell hope it doesn't take 3 hours. But, last work on Darrell's car was about that much or longer. Typically a beer an hour or two. This time I'll start in the morning when its cooler.

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