Thursday, July 3, 2008

back to the track

Decided to drop one level on the Jack Daniels tables after mulling about my workout on Tuesday. The heat and humidity, whether its a evening workout or a morning workout need to be part of the equation. I can always adjust on the fly if these times are to easy. (they weren't easy, doable but not easy) To get fast is going to take some work. Relatively speaking, I'm still middle of the pack.

Up at 3:30 am to try and get out the door by 4:30. 4:57 when I headed out the door. Did my warmup by the track to see if WH was running. He was already running the stairs, so I was able to get on the track. Workout seemed easier on the track. For some reason coming out of the turns is like blasting down the on ramp on the interstate, but when I hit the straights I tend to ease up. The 200 meter repeats came in right on target, piece of cake.

The first 1,000 meter repeat was doable but really had to stay focused to keep the splits. Started to fast for the 2nd 1,000 and started to lose seconds on the straight away going into the second lap. Imagined myself in the 800 meter race. (Grady has a great play by play on the strider board) This helped get me throught the second 1,000. The 3rd 1,000 was a struggle from 200 meters, finished it without much gas and didn't even attempt the 4th 1,000.

The final 400 meter repeats went surprisingly well. First one was 80 seconds and the second 81 seconds. I used a different stride than the 200 meter intervals, shorter and less arm swing.

PJ's birthday today. She's not quite as old as me;) but definately looks many years younger than her actual age.

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