Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Quick post this morning before heading into work early. Deal closed on merger at work on Thursday last week. Still playing catch up at work, plus lots of new stuff going on. Been able to get all of my runs done. Tonight may be a challenge. Need to leave work at 4 pm to make it back to Murfreesboro for week 20 of Jacks schedule. I'm modifying the 20 minute T pace to a 3 mile T pace, then 3 x 400 meters at R with 400 meter recoveries. Followed by 2 x 1 mile T pace with 1 minute rest.

Monday was 8 miles of recovery on the golf course. Had to dodge the geese twice, first time at the pond, they wouldn't move and were kinda uptight and again when they were headed back to the river. See were the term goose stepping comes from. They were getting it towards the river, guess the young 'uns can't fly yet. Also, had to make a wide path for the skunk who didn't want to move either.

Sunday was a marathon pace run. Just ran from the house at 6 am. Still warm and muggy, 70+ degrees to start. Did 12 miles at marathon pace and then a 2 mile sweat down. Wasn't a cool down, I was drenched.

Saturday we were still at the farm. We left around 4 pm. Did an easy 8 miles down Big Creek road. This is the road we see the bikes and motorcycles coming down on the weekends. Someone has marked a bike route, but I can't find a map of it anywhere.

Friday, July 4th was a 4 mile recovery in the fields and mowed areas around the farm. Super slow. Bush hogged fields and even field cut for hay aren't very runner friendly. Grass is still high enough that you really need to pick your feet up to keep from tripping. Good workout.

Found more snake eggs or maybe these were lizard eggs in the garden. Bob tilled the garden and unearthed a clutch of eggs about a inch and a half long. Covered them all back up. The birds really like the garden, especially the martins and turkeys.

Refilled my bird feeder at the house on Sunday afternoon and its empty again this morning. Damn grackles and starlings are hogging all of the food. Sure wish there were a way to get rid of them.

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