Wednesday, July 9, 2008

heat 2

Did another workout in the heat yesterday evening. Hoped to leave the office by 4 pm to get a 5 pm start. Actually left the office around 5:30. Might have actually worked in my favor. The temperature was still 91 degrees when I started and had only cooled one degree by the time I was finished.

Went to the Stones River Battlefield, lots of shade. Because of the heat, I adjusted my T pace to 6:42 instead of 6:32. First 400 meters were slow purposely, but got back on pace by the half mile mark. First mile came in at 6:37, felt good. Second mile was doable (6:38) but my breathing was really getting noticeable. (forgot the Ipod) Started getting a side stitch on the last mile, going downhill. Slowed for that quarter mile downhill, but back on pace to push out the final mile in 6:36.

Rest of the workout went downhill fast. Tried twice to do the 400 meters at R pace. Only got a 100 meters or so down the road and the side stitch wouldn't go away. Third time, stuck it out till the quarter mile mark to see the pace, 1:35. Little hot for T pace, but not R pace either. Went ahead to try and get another mile at T pace. Unable to hold on till the end, slowed significantly. The mile came in at 6:51. Walked a quarter mile, slogged some more to my water bottle. Heat got me again. First 3 miles were quality.

I'll be glad when EB comes back to run the tempos. She can help slow me on the ups and from starting out to quickly. She's better acclimated to the heat. Most of my runs are before sun up and she runs in the late afternoon or early evening.

Googled snakes in TN and got this link. Seen quite a few copperheads in the woods over the years in Tennessee. Only seen a rattle snake once, seems like it was at Fall Creek Falls. Though when I was younger and we lived in New Mexico, I saw plenty of rattle snakes. Never saw any snakes at all when we lived in Texas. Caught a giant, over 6 foot long black racer in Georgia. It was in our backyard and our dog Tosha was scared of it. Smaller snakes she'd grab.


david said...

Great job in the heat....It about did me in Tuesday afternoon and I was nowhere near your speed!

Jill said...

I went to the track, but did not run repeats. I felt pretty miserable just putzing around the track at 10:30 pace...and then this morning the news said "yesterday was the hottest day this YEAR." understand!