Thursday, July 31, 2008

Track ?

After Saturday's time trial, I had doubts about a sub 19:00. Glad Speedy and FM2 were there to keep me motivated and driving. This morning I made up a workout to see if I could start on pace or get close. Ran from the house out to the track at Seigel HS. WH was already running the stairs, so I was able to get on the track. Plan was simple, 6 x 200 meters at R pace or :40 seconds with 200 meter recovery and then 6 x 200 meters at race pace or :46 seconds with 200 meter recoveries. First 6 repeats came in at a :39 average. First couple of race pace 200's were a little fast. Finally nailed the last 2 repeats. Decided that wasn't quite enough of a workout, so I attempted a 6:04 mile. Came in at 6:06.

Maybe with my racing flats and a little race day magic, the sub 19:00 is possible. Race is the Saturday after next. I'll have to consult with Speedy and FM2 for their advice on training for the week before the race.

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