Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to the track

Pet Peeves, locked tracks. What a pain in the ass. Four tracks in Murfreesboro and they're all locked up. Could drive 5 miles and then run another 3 miles as warmup to one track that has a gate a runner can squeeze through. Or do like I did this morning; run from the house, the long way to get in a 3 mile warmup at the track that's only a mile and a half from the house. Only downside is climbing the *&^%$ fence.

During the warmup this morning I decided that it was time to HTFU in my workouts. Jeez, that's why I'm back doing intervals this morning anyway. Thought I was being smart, chose the track instead of the road for its soft surface. Also, did some warmup exercises coach G. had us do last year at the Fleet Feet speed sessions. Don't know if it was climbing the fence or doing the leg swings, but somehow I tweaked my groin. Yep, I'm big sissy. Part of the warmup was some strides. Damn thing was very uncomfortable trying to accelerate for the strides. Decided to gut it out and do the 12 x 200 meter workout anyway. First several intervals were very uncomfortable, no pain. So, decided to run through it. Never did diminish, actually had to back down on the next to last interval, because it was becoming even more uncomfortable. Haven't looked at my splits, but first couple were a touch slow, got on target and actually went to fast on a few and just tried to nail the target on the last 3-4. Slow slog home. Ice and Ibuprofen, a runners best friend.

On my walk around the track this morning before I started a bird was just laying in the gravel next to the fence. So I thought anyway, it was a mama killdeer sitting on her nest. Don't know that you actually could call a pile of rocks a nest, she had 4 eggs.


Jill said...

Yes, pet peeve also...locked tracks. And they wonder why obesity is an issue. Ugh. I'm SO with you.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

more of Tennessee thing though, didn't have that problem in Georgia or Texas.

Lisa said...

Those birds freak me out. It's like they are sitting targets. You get near them and they hiss at you. (or maybe it's just me they hiss at?)

Shellmo said...

I had a killdeer pretend like it was hurt to attract me away from its nest I accidentally came near.
Kudos to you for running - my husband and I can't seem to break 3 miles yet...we just started again.